Tai Chi for Balance

Tai Chi is an ancient martial art and health exercise. By constant practice of the tai chi forms you develop “muscle memory” ….your body will get used to moving in a specific way. It’s obvious that the martial artist must be coordinated and have great balance control when sparring; however, it is just a important for those who are not interested in fighting.

Good balance is an essential ingredient for all movement. Grandmaster William C.C. Chen calls this ability to coordinate your muscles with your “chi”, or energy, “body mechanics”.  You have to be careful when you are walking on uneven surfaces; visualize walking in the snow, or on the beach……if you are not coordinated and your balance is off it could be harmful.

After practicing tai chi and getting used to body mechanics, balance, and energy flow, you will be more secure in your everyday life. When you are balanced, you will walk more securely and feel more relaxed.

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