Sick And Tired feeling shaky? See simple everyday exercises that help you relax.

At first glance, it may seem to be contradictory for Tai Chi Chuan, to be a Chinese health and meditative exercise, and, at the same time, this exercise comprises moves that can be applied as an effective martial art. After careful examination, as we focus on the slow dance-like movements, called forms, the rudiments of neutralizing punches and kicks will be observed.

These daily forms are practiced deliberately; when practiced slowly they develop accuracy, balance and rooting, even while the practitioner is in a meditative like state, and as your body establishes a type of “memory”, the forms become natural movements to you. It is clear that this exercise can be practiced from the early teens to someone who is 80+ years old; regardless of age enhanced balance control and coordinated breathing can be beneficial.

As these movements or forms are practiced, they result in providing overall health benefits; while promoting relaxation, the practitioner achieves enhanced physical and emotional health; while developing deep breathing, better balance, and patience. This provides you with more energy, the self-defense movements can actually become a by-product. Daily repetition of the forms or movements should be practiced in a slow and controlled manner and should take seven to ten minutes a day.