Relax with Tai Chi Meditation.

Follow a simple exercise and start to get the feel of the energy in your body that you can learn to utilize. Start with the meditation exercise below and build up to using your energy in every day living.

What makes a ball player able to hit a 400 foot home run, a golfer hit a 350 yard drive, or a tennis player serve at 120 mph. It’s the ability to focus, and release energy that is efficient and controlled. Anyone who practices tai chi can be powerful using that same energy, called “chi”. When your chi is directed your balance, strength, and coordination seem to be magical….it’s not magic; it’s focused and requires commitment.

After practicing you can walk faster and with better balance, lift heavier objects, open a heavy door, or punch with enough power to break boards.

Start with the following exercise and you will feel more relaxed:

Stand with your feet flat on the ground, shoulder width apart and slightly bend your knees while relaxing the muscles around your rib cage. Step forward with your left foot. As you move and place the major force of your weight on the left foot ….about 80%…. think about the ball of your left foot, while the big toe presses down and you exhale deeply. Your entire foot is flat on the ground.

Inhale deeply as you raise/lift your left wrist chest high with your palm facing inward to the level of your solar plexus. At the same time your right hand is positioned down next to your right hip with elbow slightly bent with the open palm facing back. Stand with your back straight. Shoulders are relaxed, as are the muscles surrounding the ribs.

This is the final position of Yang style tai chi chuan form called “ward off with left hand”. It’s important to focus on your movements, positioning of your body so that you can forget about the other things going on in you life.  Focus on your “tan tien” or lower abdomen ….a couple of inches below the “belly button” as you exhale and inhale, your deep breathing will help reduce stress and promote relaxation.

This exercise is an introduction to meditation with tai chi.



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