Senior Balance and Relaxation

Tai chi & Qigong

Practice each exercise in sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise

Eyes closed finger massage – while standing with feet shoulder width apart, cup each hand and massage the eyelids that are closed. The motion is inward counter-clockwise

Back of each hand massages the small of the back by moving each hand inward toward the spine

Big toes for 30 seconds, while seated, bounce the big toes together


While standing hold onto counter top of a chair. Scoop one toe raise other foot and crunch (flex) raised toe or can be done while sitting with feet on ground

Sitting or standing…flex big toes on both feet and this action raises heals. For more resistance press down on knees at the same time as you lift the heels.

Stay in one position (This is the beginning or 1st position of the traditional Yang style tai chi chuan) of the beginning tai chi form to meditate

Then start from the start-up position and move to the 2nd position of the Yang style tai chi form to meditate

After time #6 (above) can flow into the #7 position (above)

More advanced: While sitting bend at the waist, focus on toes and push up to a sitting straight up or even standing position

Tai chi ruler for a meditative exercise

Clench toes, Toe raises, Spread toes, Knee massages

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